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Press plays an important role in an artist’s journey, acting as a link between the artist’s creative expression and the rest of the world. Artists can share the inspiration and stories behind their work through interviews, reviews, and features, building a closer relationship with their audience. In an age of digital connectivity, these services remain indispensable in building an artist’s brand, ensuring their artistic vision reaches a global audience.

Media Narrative Masters

Creating fascinating stories that captivate and command attention, and situating your brand in the world's highest-profile publications.

Excellence In Storytelling

Weaving storylines that are not only heard, but also remembered by targeted audiences.

Premier Publications

Your article will be featured in top-tier outlets, giving you maximum visibility and credibility.

Social Media Outreach

Our approach ensures your story finds its rightful place in the media landscape.

Custom PR Campaigns

We tailor PR tactics to your brand's story and reach the right people at the right time.

Press & Publications

Artists need to promote their story and work to gain recognition. Press provides a platform for artists to share their creative journeys, insights, and inspirations, creating a deeper connection with their audience.

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We have access to many publications across music, fashion, business and world news.

We work with budgets from very large to very small. Press starts at $350 and can range in thousands of dollars depending on the size of the campaign.

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case studies

Press & Publications

To get exposure across major industry media, Mike T ran a PR campaign focused on custom press across specific outlets. Our team helped him generate interest from targeted media outlets, resulting in the pick up that he wanted. To begin the campaign, we worked with him to develop his PR

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Fan Builder

To reach the right audience and grow on Instagram, James Grear (@james_grear) started using our proprietary platform called Fan Builder. He securely connected his account through his private portal & login to our platform. To get him set up, we consulted with him on his custom targeting strategy focused around

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Digital Radio

To grow an organic fan base outside of their hometown of Phoenix, AZ, Prime Society (@primesoc) ran a 3-month promotional campaign on Digital Radio for their single “Paradise”. The results were far more than they expected, transcending organically from radio to Spotify. Throughout the 3-month campaign, they: Reached over 3,000,000

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